Braid Bar aka Where it All Began...

A couple years ago, I got into braiding my own hair.  I was interested in it for a few reasons:

  1. Weddings were popping up left and right and most of the time they were outside, read: hot and sunny, so I wanted to get the dang hair out of my face.
  2. I started working out more consistently and figured out that showering and washing my hair after every workout was getting to be incredibly hard on my skin and my hair.
  3. Braids got cool.  Once Game of Thrones became a thing, everyone was doing it, so why shouldn't I?

Before I knew it, I was doing a braid style on myself every two days and at festivals and parties, I'd open up my "braid bar" to my friends with wildly popular results.  

SunQuist as a concept came entirely out of this hobby.  Weddings, festivals, parties, weekends in various parts of sunny California, and just walking to work included me going out into the sun with some hairstyle, cursing the sun for burning my scalp and frying my hair, and adamantly not putting on a hat because it would mess up the braid!  I needed sunscreen for my hair, and I seriously didn't want to rub gross white stuff all over my part and my new 'do.

Thus the beginning of SunQuist - sun care for your hair.

As part of this exploration, I am starting up a new blog, with hopes that I can share my hair care tips, and lots and lots of content around hair styles and braiding.  The first style is an oldie but goodie, a side dutch braid:

Braid Bar

You can really do this style with any type of hair, but it does work well with wavy hair.  Also, note that my hair is on the short side for this look, so if you have the same problem of a rather pathetic ponytail at the end, you may choose to tuck and pin the bottom underneath the braid.  So here's how to achieve this style, step-by-step:

  1. Part your hair where you normally do, and brush out both sides.
  2. If you need some additional texture/grippiness, or if your hair is too clean, add some dry shampoo to the roots and finger comb it through.
  3. Start with three small sections in the front near your part on the side with more hair and execute a normal dutch braid.  A dutch braid is simply an inside-out french braid but here's a good tutorial if you need help understanding. I tend to start out with a fairly tight braid as I will manipulate it later.
  4. As you get towards the crown of the head, start incorporating pieces from the front of the other side of your part and angle the braid towards the side of your head with less hair.
  5. Finish off the braid and clip it temporarily.  I like to do this vs. attach a hair thingy right away because then the end braid doesn't look scrunched up.
  6. Strategically place bobby pins close to the braid on either side and spray a little hair spray along the braid.
  7. Gently pull on each section of the braid.  You will get a feel for this but you might need to try a few times to get it right - if you pull out too much the braid will start coming apart.
  8. Put a clear plastic hair thing on the end of the braid and lightly spray again for hold.
  9. To add a layer of protection for the look, use some finishing spray.
  10. Voila!  Side Dutch Braid.