Braids for Little Girls

Special Edition – Braids for Little Girls – Tips and Tricks

Over the New Year, I had the pleasure of spending a few moments with two 5-year-old girls, both of whom are children of good friends of mine. Braids are populate with little girls as well as big girls, so naturally the braid bar was requested after New Years Eve’ Eve dinner.  

SunQuist SunCare for Your Hair - Little Girls Edition - BackView

Naturally, I had an advantage over their parents as I had the “cool aunt” card, and each of them was encouraging the other, but there were still several challenges in execution, including:

  1. The girls wanted the same style, but had completely different lengths, textures, and thicknesses of hair.
  2. Both of them had been skiing, playing, and generally rolling around on their heads, so they had incredibly tangled hair, including several knots.
  3. I knew I had about 3-5 minutes on each little one, and although they were both parked in front of the TV, there were about 12 people in the house milling about, cooking, and generally carrying on with an incredible amount of distractions.

    Finding an Easy Style for Both: Always Talk to Your Client about their Vision, even if they are Five.

    After talking to the girls a little bit, I determined that they were most excited about having the same hairstyle, and they wanted as many braids as possible. The blonde, Sara, and the brunette Cara, requested that they have at least eight braids each, but I was able to talk them down to four braids total: two on each of their heads. The biggest reason I chose this particular style was because I truly wasn’t confident that I had enough attention span to get even four braids on the collective two heads.

    A Quick Note on Knotted Hair

    To quickly remove knots from full and thick hair, use any conditioner that you’re comfortable using with the girls. The conditioner doesn’t really need to be leave-in, as regular conditioner would work great. But if your girl is going out in the sun, I’d recommend using something like this.   Start with applying just a dime-sized dollop of conditioner and then, holding the hair near the root, comb out the knot as patiently and firmly as you can. This is the technique I used with Cara. With thinner hair, you can skip applying conditioner unless the knot is really bad.

    SunQuist SunCare for Your Hair - Little Girls Edition - Cara

    Step-by-Step Instructions

    I decided on Dutch braids mostly because I knew that they were, in my experience, less likely to fall out as quickly due to the extra twist on the heads.

    SunQuist SunCare for Your Hair - Little Girls Edition - Sara

    So here’s my step-by-step instructions, although I apologize for not taking the time to do pics:

    1. Split the hair into two sections, as you would for pigtails. You can part down the middle, or if it’s easier, use the natural part on the girls head, if they have enough hair on each side to do this.
    2. Since you will be doing the Dutch braid on either side, see this tutorial for a very easy understanding of the Dutch braid:
    3. Start with either side and do a quick Dutch pigtail using all the hair you divided into that section. Unlike with adults, I would not plan on pulling out or “pancaking” the braid except for maybe just a little bit, as you don’t really want the little girls to have bobby pins sticking into those noggins unless you don’t mind the complaints.
    4. Complete the braids at the nape of the neck and use an elastic band. I think these are the best ones to use as you can cut them right out (careful not to cut their hair): SunQuist SunCare for Your Hair - Little Girls Edition - Elastic Bands
    5. Attach the two braids with an additional elastic. The girls found the plastic flowers in the house, but any cute little flower will do. Be sure to cut the stems so that they aren’t scratching and just affix by slipping the stems into the center ponytail.
    6. Voila – total happy little ladies!

    SunQuist SunCare for Your Hair - Little Girls Edition - Happy Ladies

    Reports back from the Parents

    Cara wanted hers taken out before bed that same night as she felt it was a little tight but it was fairly easy to remove.

    Sara had her braids in through two rounds of skiing, a complete dunk in her hot tub and generally horsing around with all of her friends, and two nights of sleep. Sara’s mom said that it was definitely not the easiest thing to get out after two days but the braids held!

    Thanks and a word about Protective Hair Care

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