Holiday Wreath Braid

SunQuist Braid Bar - SunCare for Your Hair: Holiday Wreath Braid Tutorial

Week 3: Holiday Wreath Braid at the Braid Bar

Hi and welcome back!   Braid Bar Week 3 – Holiday Wreath Braid is so much simpler than it looks. As you can see from the picture, this braid is great for a quick updo style, a night out, a holiday party, or just a day when you need to get your hair out of your face…stylishly.

SunCare for Your Hair: SunQuist Wreath Braid

This braid is dependent on just a few things:

  1. An understanding of a Dutch Braid
  2. Enough hair on each side of your head to braid all the way to the nape of your neck
  3. Some really good bobby pins (see below for my recommendations).

As always, when you are parting your hair as you are with this braid, use some products that have sun care protection for your hair to at least somewhat protect your scalp – such as the items at my store: To get more info on what these items provide see:

Step-by-Step Dutch Braid “Holiday Wreath”

Start with fairly “grippy” hair either by doing this style after a few days without washing, or by spraying some dry shampoo all over the hair. I’ve found that this is a good “day 3” hairstyle.

SunQuist Braid Bar: Holiday Wreath Braid

  1. Split the hair into two sections, as you would for pigtails. I usually split along my natural part and then just do the back by feel. I think that it looks better if it is not exactly parted in the back as it gives the sense of a little more fullness.
    Note: This braid looks a lot more continuous/better in the back if you don’t try to part the hair directly in the middle.
    SunCare for Your Hair: SunQuist Wreath Braid Bar Step 1
  2. Since you will be doing the dutch braid on either side, see this tutorial for a very easy understanding of the dutch braid.
  3. Start with either side and do a quick dutch pigtail using all the hair you divided into that section. In order to get a lot of fullness from pancaking the braid, I stop periodically and gently pull on the braided parts to ensure it continues to look correct on the bottom.   I also make sure to try to take equal chunks each time I add a section.
    SunCare for Your Hair: SunQuist Wreath Braid Bar Step 2
  4. Once you have incorporated all the hair in one section, continue braiding the hair to the end and hold the end with one hand.
  5. Continue to pull out the sections (gently) until you’ve reached the desired fullness
    SunCare for Your Hair: SunQuist Wreath Braid Bar Step 3
  6. Tie off with a clear elastic band (see below for my recommendations).
  7. Repeat this procedure with the other side of your hair
    SunCare for Your Hair: SunQuist Wreath Braid Bar Step 4
  8. With the smaller braid (mine is on the right side of my head), pull to the opposite braid and attach with a few bobby pins (one or two should be sufficient). Tuck the end of the pigtail braid underneath itself and hide the end with bobby pins.
    SunCare for Your Hair: SunQuist Wreath Braid Bar Step 5
  9. Now take the larger braided pigtail and pin across (or below if you have a lot of hair) the first braid. Pin the braid directly next to the other pigtail and hide the ends underneath.
  10. Using a second mirror to see the back, pin the braids where necessary to hide any loose ends.
    SunCare for Your Hair: SunQuist Wreath Braid Bar Final
  11. Use some hairspray or finishing spray to set the style in place.

Bobby Pin and Clear Elastic band recommendations

I have truly only had good experiences with one brand of bobby pins: MetaGrip Premium Bob Pins. I use a combination of the bronze or champagne color, but if you are a brunette or have black hair, they have black colored pins as well. There is such a huge difference between these and the normal pins you get in the pharmacy or grocery store, that I literally take these everywhere. I even carry a variety of colors in a pouch in my purse, just in case I have a friend who wants an emergency braid. Typically you can find just about everything else you need on site (at someones house, in someones purse, etc.).

SunQuist Braid Bar - SunCare for Your Hair: Best Bobby Pins

Clear Elastics are a little less compulsory but I find are also useful to throw into my purse so I also always have a little stash of these are well. The ones I use are the Proclaim Super Stretch because you can break them easily if you want to get them out of your hair. No matter what brand you use, I highly recommend getting some of these for the hair styles, because the larger elastics definitely show more definitively in the final look.

SunQuist Braid Bar - SunCare for Your Hair: Best Elastic Bands

Thanks and a word about Protective Hair Care 

Thanks for reading! I hope that you come back to visit for next week’s Braid of the Week. As always, I would love to hear your feedback on the Braid Bar blog ( , or even any general feedback on SunQuist, Sun Care for your Hair, and SunQuist Protective Hair Care Products (